Some things you wouldn’t know about me from my books:

I took a job this year as the writer-in-residence and creative director with The Nantucket Project launching a national membership in conversation about what matters most.  We are convening conversation circles of 15 all over the country in what we call The Neighborhood Project.  It is a joy to be a part of.

I worry constantly, about my husband getting in a car accident or my kids getting snatched by a desperado or a mole on my nose turning out to be the thing that does me in.  However, I believe worry is the backside of gratitude, so that means that when I get anxious, I am actually acutely feeling my good fortune.  And clinging to it with both hands.

I love live performances of almost any kind, especially music but also lectures and readings and plays. Some favorites: Dear Evan Hansen, Beck, Shawn Colvin and listening to Marilynne Robinson or David Sedaris read anything.

I worked in non-profits for ten years. That decade created my worldview, which goes: people are struggling, make yourself useful. My big project is Notes & Words, which raises $1.5 million a year putting musicians and writers on stage together in front of 2,000 donors to Children’s Hospital Oakland, where my daughter was treated for Meningitis and where I hold babies in the NICU on Tuesday afternoons.  The 2018 show is May 12 at The Fox Theater in Oakland.

I went to three great schools: Radnor High School, where Dr. Mary Anne Capa showed me what actual scholarship looks like; University of Richmond, which was a whole lot of fun and introduced me to some of my all-time favorite people; and San Francisco State University (for a Masters in Literature) where I was humbled by 1,000 page-a-week reading assignments and floored that for $600 a semester, I could sit in weekly seminars with professors like Michael Krasny (host of KQED Forum) and Bruce Avery.


As for the family, we are missing Greenie terribly.  My mom is still selling Real Estate on the Main Line and keeping the house we grew up in from falling to pieces.  My brother George is a big time recruiter, as well as a terribly good golfer and a rock and roll musician, and my other brother, Booker, is a lacrosse announcer for ESPN and has his own sports talk radio show.  


Edward has become obsessed with machine learning and, along with some old work friends, is ramping up a new AI company called Machinify.  The girls and I hope it works; we dream of future family vacations.

Speaking of which, the girls are coming right along.  My 16 year-old lives for lacrosse and making sure I'm not embarrassing her on my Instagram account; my 14 year-old is obsessed with baking and Chance The Rapper and a flat iron some lady at the mall sold us one afternoon when my guard was down, something my mother finds very funny.

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