Some things you wouldn’t know about me from my books:

I’m working on a novel, a story about... I can’t tell you yet.  It’s way too soon.  But it’s a great challenge for me and I hope to impress you one day with my versatility as a writer.  Or at least not humiliate myself. 

I worry constantly, about my husband getting in a car accident or my kids getting snatched by a desperado or a mole on my nose turning out to be the thing that does me in.  However, I believe worry is the backside of gratitude, so that means that when I get anxious, I am actually acutely feeling my good fortune.  And clinging to it with both hands.

I love live performances of almost any kind, especially music but also lectures and readings and plays. Some favorites: Spring Awakening, Into The Woods, Beck, Patty Griffin, Mike Errico and listening to Anne Lamott, Marilynne Robinson or David Sedaris read anything.

I worked in non-profits for ten years. That decade created my worldview, which goes: people are struggling; make yourself useful. My big project is Notes & Words, which puts musicians and writers on stage together at The Paramount Theater in front of 2,000 donors of Children’s Hospital Oakland, where my daughter was treated for Meningitis. May 3, 2014 will be the 5th Annual concert and we’re getting close to $4 million raised to date.

I went to three great schools: Radnor High School, where Dr. Mary Anne Capa showed me what actual scholarship looks like; The University of Richmond, which was a whole lot of fun and introduced me to some of my all-time favorite people; and San Francisco State University (for a Masters in Literature) where I was humbled by 1,000 page-a-week reading assignments and floored that for $600 a semester, I could sit in weekly seminars with professors like Michael Krasny (host of KQED Forum) and Bruce Avery.

Greenie is still Greenie, glad-handing, coaching lacrosse, clicking his heels. He turns 84 on March 30 and recently joined Facebook, of all things. The fact of his survival is something I can never quite get over. My mom is still selling Real Estate on the Main Line and keeping the house we grew up in from falling to pieces.  My brother George is a big time recruiter in Manhattan, as well as a terribly good golfer and a rock and roll musician, and my other brother, Booker, is a lacrosse announcer for ESPN and has his own sportstalk radio show.  


Edward works at Medium, which might be the most beautiful place on the Internet, in both mission and appearance.  It was founded by one of them Twitter guys, the benevolent and genius-y Nebraskan drop out, Ev Williams, to share stories and ideas.  I often follow Edward to work where the sodas are cold, the food is free and the people are young and smarter than hell.  Because the site is awesome, I post frequently.   Lastly, the girls are coming right along.  My 12 year-old spends her life checking Instagram and rolling her eyes at me; my 10 year-old is obsessed with Rick Riordan and a new curling rod some lady at the mall sold us one afternoon when my guard was down.