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“Some books you quite like, some you even love, but especially rare are the books that remind you what reading is for. Glitter and Glue is my favorite reminder. Nobody tells a more natural story –

with more easy charm; with such personal warmth and style – than Kelly Corrigan. In Glitter and Glue she’s your dream tour guide, making you laugh as she points out the biggies – love and death, mothers and daughters, sickness and health. Buying this book feels like investing in a lifelong friend.” – Darin Strauss, award-winning author of Half a Life

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"Glitter and Glue explores how and why, in our exuberant and impatient youth, we launch ourselves into the world at large–

and eventually circle back to the complicated relationships at our home port. Here, Kelly Corrigan invites readers to reflect on their own launchings and homecomings. I accepted the invitation and learned things about myself. You will, too. Isn't that why we read?” – Wally Lamb, author of We Are Water

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"Kelly Corrigan's heartfelt homage to motherhood is every bit as tough and funny as it is nostalgic and searching. It's a tale about growing up, gaining wisdom, and reconciling with Mom

(something we all must do eventually) but it's also an honest meditation on our deepest fears of death and abandonment. I loved this book, I was moved by this book, and now I will share this book with my own mother—along with my renewed appreciation for certain debts of love that can never be repaid." –Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love

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