I am off for the summer but looking forward to getting back out there in the fall.  Here's a reading from a recent event - 11 minutes - about the kinds of confounding moments I just didn't see coming as a mother. 


Oct 16 - Ames IO * The Mary Greely Medical Center * Girls Night Out

Oct 23 - Kingston MA * Indian Pond Country Club * A Night for Women's Health * 6pm

Oct 25 - SF CA * Kidney Foundation Authors Luncheon with Arianna Huffington and the great Norman Lear.

Nov 13 - Livermore CA * Bankhead Theater * OFF SCRIPT (I am going to tell some stories I have never told before and we are going to have some good hard laughs together.)

Nov 21-23 - Miami Book Fair

Dec 4 - Ross CA * Ross School Author Lunch

January 22-24: Rancho Mirage Writer's Festival

If you can't get to a reading, this video is for you.  If you're looking for a quick hit, every essay and newspaper column I have written is on Medium.  Click follow to get an essay once a month in your in box.

The paperback tour will kick off in March 2015 and we are looking to make every reading a fundraiser for your most cherished non-profits.  So think about it and ping Sharon (spropson@randomhouse.com) if you have an organization you love, including your kids' school, and an idea for an event that involves 150 people or more.